This is our fourth post in “Installing Linux OS” series. Fedora is one more popular Linux OS which is a product from Redhat. Already covered Linux OS installations are

How to install Ubuntu 12.10 Linux?

How to install Linux Cent OS 6(Community Enterprise Linux OS)?

How to install Redhat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) 6 OS?

About Fedora: Fedora OS is a launch pad for Redhat EL OS releases. Let me put in this way. Initially Redhat released it’s main distribution free of cost and to everyone. But in 2001 Redhat decided to develop a Linux OS for enterprise level so that they can earn some money as well as stability to the OS. They divide Redhat OS to two different flavors. One for Enterprise users(RHEL OS) and other for community based(Fedora Core) users. Fedora is released every six months on an average whereas Redhat EL OS releases every 2 years Whatever packages developed by community, they are first pushed to Fedora releases once the software reaches it’s stability and vigorous testing, it is moved to next release of RHEL OS. Fedora is many used for desktops as of this writing similar to Ubuntu.

Installing Fedora: As mention earlier Fedora is similar to Cent OS and RHEL. The installation procedure is same for this as well.

How to install Fedora in a video format:

Below are the screenshots on how to install Fedora:

Selection_070 Selection_071 Selection_072 Selection_073 Selection_074 Selection_076 Selection_077 Selection_078 Selection_079 Selection_080 Selection_081 Selection_082 Selection_083 Selection_084 Selection_085 Selection_086 Selection_087 Selection_088 Selection_089 Selection_090 Selection_091 Selection_092 Selection_093 Selection_094 Selection_095 Selection_096 Selection_097 Selection_098 Selection_099 Selection_100 Selection_101



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