Whizlabs is the pioneer in providing online training and practice tests for many leading IT certifications. I have been using this site for a long time to prepare for cloud computing and other certifications. Their online community is also thriving with the latest updates, technical discussion, quiz questions, and user’s experience. I was thinking to write this review for a long time but today I felt like it’s a good time to write this review as Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Tests are on Udemy now.

I’ve already passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam last year. I decided to go for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification exam 3 months back. With the 2 months of exam preparation (self-study) and Whizlabs AWS CSAP practice tests, I passed AWS CSAP certification exam.

As Whizlabs practice tests helped me a lot to pass my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam, I decided to pen my review down on Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional practice tests for you.

My AWS CSAP Preparation Journey

On deciding to go for AWS CSAP exam, the very first thing on my mind was how to start my preparation. So, first I went through the exam blueprint on the AWS website and understood all the 8 objectives that constitute the exam syllabus.

Then I started my preparation with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide, moving to AWS documentation. I read a few AWS white papers that helped me a lot to prepare, these are –

  • Overview of Amazon Web Services
  • Overview of Security Processes
  • Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best Practices
  • Overview of Security Processes
  • AWS Risks & Compliance
  • Web Application Hosting in the AWS Cloud
  • Migrating AWS Resources to a New Region
  • Defining Fault-Tolerant Applications in the AWS Cloud

It won’t be wrong to mention that without going through these white papers you won’t be able to pass the AWS CSAP exam, and the last one mentioned is at the top of the list actually.

When I found myself done with the preparation, I started looking for online practice questions to check my preparation level. I was expecting some high-level practice exams just like the real exam that could help me gain the confidence to pass this exam.

I went through many forums and found Whizlabs practice tests best among the so many available. With a number of positive reviews and feedback, I was quite convinced and there was no confusion to make a decision. And I decided to take Whizlabs practice tests from Udemy.

(I’d like to mention here that I’m a big fan of Udemy for certification preparation material for the lowest prices and discounts they offer :P)

The price of Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Tests on Udemy is $10 only. While the price for AWS CSAP practice tests is $29.95 on the Whizlabs website. So, it’s an amazing deal to take it from Udemy. I strongly recommend you to grab this opportunity and prepare for your AWS CSAP certification exam.

Alright, let’s move to the interesting part, how has been my experience with Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional practice tests, will I recommend it to others. Let’s get ahead!

My Experience with Whizlabs AWS CSAP Practice Tests

So, my experience with the Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional practice tests has been super wonderful and fruitful. It’s because Whizlabs practice tests helped me boost confidence and pass the certification exam in the first attempt only. And you know how much I scored in the exam – 89% (It’s really amazing to score this much within a short period of preparation).

My Domain-level Scoring is –

(As I mentioned earlier that exam blueprint involves 8 domains/subject areas, sharing my scoring in each)

Domain 1.0 High Availability and Business Continuity – 92%

Domain 2.0 Costing – 81%

Domain 3.0 Deployment Management – 94%

Domain 4.0 Network Design – 82%

Domain 5.0 Data Storage – 89%

Domain 6.0 Security – 91%

Domain 7.0 Scalability and Elasticity – 96%

Domain 8.0 Cloud Migration and Hybrid Architecture – 87%

There are a number of factors that I liked in Whizlabs practice tests and why I will recommend Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional practice tests to you. Let’s have a look!

  • 400 Unique practice questions (this is a big number and helped me prepare well)
  • Exhaustive explanation to every question (for every correct and incorrect option)
  • Free test (yes, it’s worth try and decide to go for the full-length tests)
  • 24*7 Customer and expert support (all the queries are resolved by the AWS experts)
  • Preparation tip and tricks (really helped me to crack the exam)
  • Lifetime validity with unlimited access (It took every test  2-3 times for better preparation)
  • Easy to use exam simulator (As a first time user, it was so easy for me to use the interface)
  • Unconditional money back guarantee

(Yes, it’s mentioned on their website. I’m not sure it’s still valid if you purchase tests from Udemy. Even I didn’t require to apply for money back as I passed the exam on the first attempt 🙂 🙂

Whizlabs AWS CSAP practice tests consist of practice questions from all the domains while the main focus remains on –

  • Auto Scaling
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • S3 Storage Classes
  • DynamoDB and RDS
  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS Security

A number of questions come in the real exam from these topics, so the practice tests also have a high weight of the questions from these topics to prepare you well for the real exam.

I really found Whizlabs AWS CSAP practice tests good enough. If you’ll ask me any reason not to take Whizlabs practice tests, then I’ won’t have much to say but only one thing to mention. Some of the questions in Whizlabs AWS CSAP practice tests were the way too easy. I found them to be associate level only that didn’t match with the actual certification exam.

So, will I recommend others to take Whizlabs AWS CSAP Practice Tests?

Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional practice tests are awesome and I’d recommend you take this test before going for the real exam. If you are looking for a practice exam simulator that could give you the experience of the real exam, the Whizlabs is the answer.

If someone would ask me to give rating to Whizlabs AWS CSAP practice tests rating – I would give it 4.5/5 (the deduction would be for few associate-level questions)

Whizlabs practice exam simulator gives you an experience of real exam and thus makes you confident enough to pass the certification exam in the first attempt only.

Have you ever tried Whizlabs products? How was your experience? Share with me in the comment section below!

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