This is our fifth post on installing Linux OS. In this post we will see how to install Linux Mint 13 OS on your system. We already covered below Linux OS installation as of now.

How to install Fedora Linux 17?

How to install Ubuntu 12.10 Linux?

How to install Linux Cent OS 6(Community Enterprise Linux OS)?

How to install Redhat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) 6 OS?

About Linux Mint OS: Linux mint OS is one more popular Linux os. This OS is derived from Debian and Ubuntu. The speciality of this OS is the look and feel is similar to Windows. Due to this many users who want to shift from Windows operating system will choose Mint OS, if they feel Ubuntu and Fedora is too hard to learn. This even have proprietary softwares installed by default such as Adobe and Java.

Video on how to install Linux Mint OS:

Screenshots on how to install Mint OS:

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In our next post we will see how to install openSuse, this is our last post in OS installation series.

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