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Welcome to new Telegram groups for DevOps We created new telegram groups for community to ask questions and share their knowledge. We thought of creating a single devops group as Telegram have no major roadblock in adding a huge list of people. But felt to have different groups for different major DevOps tools. The existing WhatsApp groups invite links are disabled as we see many spammers spamming the groups. It’s cumbersome to manage as we have to ban spammers from different groups, create a new group after we fill up 255 group members and no proper administration controls. We later realised that WhatsApp is not for large groups where people can reach 255 with ease on sites like us. Some of the disadvantages prompted us to move to telegram as below. The limit in the number of people joins in a group. No anti spam mechanism like disable new user for a certain time. WhatsApp groups die as old people just stay there and no new questions asked after a certain number of moths. No pinning of messages No special privileges of the owner/admin of the group. No bot support on free WhatsApp. All these limitations prompted us to create new telegram groups. Please feel free to leave in comments if you require a new group for a specific DevOps tool. We will see if it really worth to...

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Review: Whizlabs Practice Tests for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional (CSAP)

Whizlabs is the pioneer in providing online training and practice tests for many leading IT certifications. I have been using this site for a long time to prepare for cloud computing and other certifications. Their online community is also thriving with the latest updates, technical discussion, quiz questions, and user’s experience. I was thinking to write this review for a long time but today I felt like it’s a good time to write this review as Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Tests are on Udemy now. I’ve already passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam last year. I decided to go for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification exam 3 months back. With the 2 months of exam preparation (self-study) and Whizlabs AWS CSAP practice tests, I passed AWS CSAP certification exam. As Whizlabs practice tests helped me a lot to pass my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam, I decided to pen my review down on Whizlabs AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional practice tests for you. My AWS CSAP Preparation Journey On deciding to go for AWS CSAP exam, the very first thing on my mind was how to start my preparation. So, first I went through the exam blueprint on the AWS website and understood all the 8 objectives that constitute the exam syllabus. Then I started my preparation with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide, moving to AWS...

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How to use ohai/chef-shell to get node attributes

In this post, we will see two excelent tools to get details on system properties within the Chef ecosystem. Ohai is a tool to collect system information and other information for Chef configuration management tool. This information is used to populate in cookbooks before they compile and execute when check client runs on the chef node. Suppose you want to set some swap size depending on swap details are set or not. The chef will never know what the swap size is, it depends on ohai to collect these system details. This is similar to Factor in Puppet, setup module in Ansible. How to access attributes using Ohai? The simplest way to access system information on the node is just to type ohai on chef-node. Example: ohai Output(clipped): [root@rhel74-kitchen ~]# ohai [2018-07-20T06:13:18+10:00] INFO: The plugin path /etc/chef/ohai/plugins does not exist. Skipping... {   "cpu": {     "0": {       "vendor_id": "GenuineIntel",       "family": "6",       "model": "45",       "model_name": "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60GHz",       "stepping": "2",       "mhz": "2593.958",       "cache_size": "30720 KB",       "physical_id": "0",       "core_id": "0",       "cores": "1",       "flags": [         "fpu",         "vme",         "de",      ...

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