This is my first video with my voice(I do have many videos without audio till this point, have a look at our LINUXNIX youtube channel ). Please bear with my English as I am not a native speaker. Please feel free to comment on this which will improve our future videos and content. Here is the Video for you.


Top command options:

Line 1: Gives System present time, up time of the machine, number of users logged in, Load average on system at 1, 5, 15 min interval. Please ignore the values which I mention in the video, which mention load average as 5,10 and 15mins.

Line 2: Gives total number of process on the machine, number of running process, number of sleeping process, number of stopped process, number of Zombie process.

Line 3: Gives you CPU details

Line 4 & 5: Gives RAM and SWAP details.

Line 6: To execute top command shortcuts(See below for the list of top command shortcuts ).

From Line 7: dynamically displayed top process results.

Top commands shortcuts:

Note: Press below shortcuts at the time of running top command.

l –To display or to hide load average line
t –To display or to hide task/cpu line
1 –To display or hide all other CPU’s
m –to display or to hide RAM and SWAP details
s –To change the time interval for updating top results(value is in sec’s)
R –To sort by PID number
u — Press u then username to get only that user process details
P –To sort by CPU utilization
M –To sort by RAM utilization
c –To display or hide command full path
r –To renice a process, press r then the PID no then the renice value to renice a process.
k –To kill a process, press k then PID number then enter to kill a process
w –To save the modified configuration permanently.
q –To quit the top command.
h –for getting help on top command

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