This is our third post on installing different Linux operating systems. Ubuntu is one of the best desktop Linux operating systems available in market.

About Ubuntu: Ubunut came into existence to push open source softwares to normal users. It started distributing free CD to any place in the world. I ordered some 50+ CD’s in 2006 to my students which was delivered to India without any cost. This is one of the Linux OS aggressively pushed to users and I hope it achieved most of it’s goals. Though people who are working on RHEL in their office environments but I see people use Ubuntu in homes due to it’s user friendliness.  I am vived user of Ubuntu from past 7 years.

Check our video on how to install Ubuntu on your system:

Below are the screenshots which will show you how to install Ubuntu on your box. 

Selection_044 Selection_045 Selection_046 Selection_047 Selection_048 Selection_049 Selection_050 Selection_051 Selection_052 Selection_053 Selection_054 Selection_055 Selection_056

In our coming posts we will see other Linux OS installations as well.

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Mr Surendra Anne is from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is a Linux/Open source supporter who believes in Hard work, A down to earth person, Likes to share knowledge with others, Loves dogs, Likes photography. He works as Devops Engineer with Taggle systems, an IOT automatic water metering company, Sydney . You can contact him at surendra (@) linuxnix dot com.