We are the group of Linux enthusiasts who behind this thriving community. We are passionate about what we do ie sharing knowledge and helping 1000’s of people around the world.

Surendra Kumar Anne

Surendra Anne is the Editor-in-chief and founder of “The Linux Juggernaut” blog. He is a vivid reader and a passionate photographer. He likes dogs and Trekking/Bushwalking.




    Elena is a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Avignon; Now she is a postdoc at IRIT lab, Toulouse, France.

Sahil Suri started his career in IT in 2011 as a system administrator. He has since worked with HP-UX, Solaris and Linux operating systems along with exposure to high availability and virtualization solutions.
He has a keen interest in shell, Python and Perl scripting and is learning the ropes on AWS cloud, devops tools, and methodologies. He enjoys sharing the knowledge he’s gained over the years with the rest of the community.
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