As October is going to end, new OS version of well know UBUNTU is released from Canonical. And the code name of this OS is Karmic Koala. From this release UBUNTU entered in to notebook OS too. So there are three variants of UBUNTU now, which are as follows.

1.UBUNTU(Kubuntu,edubuntu etc)

2.Net-book Remix

3.Ubuntu server edition

Here are the improvements to note in this new release
1. A faster graphical booting(No more text booting if you wish, like RHEL5 provided some 2 years back.
2. ubuntu one client included for online storage of your personal files.

3. Empathy instant messenger for pidgin.

4. So many packages/software’s are upgraded to newer versions such as GNOME, FireFox and kernel.

5. New software upgrading/installation tool.

6.Audio/sound management improved a a lot between different applications

So how to get this new UBUNTU?
Here are the ways to get your new UBUNTU
Way1 : Try to download ISO image from Ubuntu site, then create your own UBUNTU CD and then install it.
Way2 : Try to download ISO image from torrent sites such as or, or click here / official ubuntu torrent file to download torrent file.
Way3 : Request a free CD from Ubuntu.
Way4 : Just upgrade your UBUNTU from lower version, for that you have to just type the below command in graphic mode to get upgrade window.
$sudo update-manager -c -d
You may get the below error when you try to upgrade such as “Authenticating the upgrade failed. There may be a problem with the network or with the server.”
To resolve this issue you have to install security keys, login with normal user execute below command
Once it says Go ahead and type your message, you can just press Ctrl-C to get back to the command prompt. Then execute again upgrade command.
$sudo update-manager -c -d
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