Here are last month’s update for the people who miss them.

The Linux Juggernaut updates (

Linux/Unix: Difference between /dev/null and /dev/zero files

Linux YUM/RPM: Check which package provides a command or a file

How to Record your Terminal session in Linux?

Linux Booting process explained

PS1 prompt explained for Linux/Unix

How Copying of files to remote servers in Linux works(a Tricky concept)?

How to install Fedora Linux 17?

How to install Ubuntu 12.10 Linux?

How to install Linux Cent OS 6(Community Enterprise Linux OS)?

How to install Redhat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) 6 OS?

How to install Linux Mint 13 OS?

How to install OpenSUSE Linux OS 12.1?


Scripting Mania updates(

Linux/Unix Shell : PS2 prompt examples

Linux/Unix Shell scripting: Select command examples

PS3 prompt explained with examples in Linux/Unix

Linux/Unix PS4 prompt explained with examples

Python: Convert list to string and vise versa

PERL: Difference between Chop and Chomp functions explained

AWK Scripting: How to define awk variables

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AWK Scripting: Learn AWK Built-in variables with examples

Youtube Videos

Installing OpenSUSE Linux

Linux mint 13 installation

Fedora Linux OS 17 installation process

Ubuntu 12.10 Linux Operating system installation

CentOS 6(Community enterprise Operating system) installation

Redhat Enterprise Linux6(RHEL6) installation

Linux, Unix and Open source chronicles(

Ubuntu 13.04 released and available for download

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