This question arises in the mind of new people who are turning to Linux administration. So what you people will suggest? Go for a good institute. Right? So how you judge one institute is good and other is bad? If I am there in your place. I will consider below points before taking a decision to join an institute.
1. Faculty(first priority)
2. Infrastructure(second priority)
3. Institute background and capabilities(Third priority)

Faculty : Some points be noted about faculty
1. A good faculty is like a motivator, he always motivates you to explore new things. He just shows the path you have to explore.
2. A good faculty always try to share knowledge irrespective of the domain. I saw some instructors will not share all the knowledge they have. They just simply go according to the syllabus. So be aware of these type of instructors.
3. A good faculty will always try to mould his way of teaching depending on grasping power of the students.
4. A good faculty always give infomation about what type questions will come in interviews and exam. So that you can concentrate more on those topics.

So how to judge a faculty is good or not without actually attending his classes?
Ans : Just go to that institute before joining and enquire the students of that institute about the instructors and their way of teaching. And if possible take a sample session with that faculty and observe all the above mentioned points. If most of the above qualities are not observed better not to join.

Infrastructure :
Some points to be noted about infrastructure
1. As we are learning job oriented courses please don’t join in institutes where students with more than 30 per class. These type of institutes are more in Hyderabad. One thing i want to mention is if a class is containing some 150 students where is the type for faculty to care of your queries?

2. Make sure that before joining the institute about the hardware provided by them. In some institute there will be only one or two systems/devices per class so where is the time for you to practice? right so consider this one too.

3. Some institutes will not provide lab facility after the class timings. So what’s the fun of just taking Linux classless without practice. I say to my friends if you want to be a good Linux admin just remember three rules/principles.

So what is ideal Infrastructure?
Ans : A class should not contain more then 10 to 15 students and should provide at least one system for two students with 24 hours lab facility.

Institute : Some points to be noted about Institute.
1. Check with Students of an institute about the behaviour of non teaching faculty. Some of the institute people will behave differently before and after paying amount.

2.Check with students how is the placements and campus interviews.

3. As you people will know speaking good English will play important role in getting a job, some institutes will have one faculty who will teaches spoken English, corporate culture, personality development etc.

So you guys may feel that as “I am already a Linux admin why this non technical post is here.” this is for you only. As you are an experienced Linux admin, many new comers will come to you and ask which institute is best. So at that time you can express your own ideas and these points to them before they take a decision. This is the intention of this post.

Please comment your experience either it’s small or big about your training institute where you learnt some admin courses:-)