1)How to compile Apache?

2)Users come to you and they will be saying mail server is very slow, what are the necessary steps you will take to resolve this issue?

3)Which are the configuration files associate with DNS server and client?

4)Where you will provide ISP details for your network?

5)How you will configure Squid proxy?

6)How you will block pron sites using Squid proxy?

7)Give me details how to configure mail support for NAGIOS?

8)Can you use NAGIOS to send SMS? how to do that?

9)What is web-min?
A) Webmin is a web-based system configuration tool for OpenSolaris, Linux and other Unix-like systems.

10)How you will do kernel compilation? Explain each step?

11)What is the difference between SGID, SUID and sticky bit?

12)How to restrict users to set password with complexity ?

13)How do you monitor system performance?

14)Which are the configuration files of FTP server?

15)What are the different types of FTP servers?

16)What is the difference between active FTP and passive FTP?

17)How you will configure FTP in DMZ?

18)What is the use of htaccess file?

19)how do you configure website authentication for user logins?

20)Give me the steps to configure sendmail.

21)How to block particular network not to access my sendmail server?

22)How to send duplex/half duplex etc to the network card?

23)Can a web server have multiple ip add? if yes why? if no why?

24)How to configure multiple ip address for a web server?

25)What is the difference between VMWare and XEN?

26)Explain me the difference between ext2 and ext3

27)How do you configure route in Linux server?

28)How do you make routes permanent in Linux server?

29)Why you want to change your job?

30)What is an inode?

31)what is the difference between soft link and hard link?

32)How to get info about the files which are not accessed from last 30days?