1)How to implement Squid proxy?
2)How to see bandwidth used by ftp user?
3)ow to implement Squid as reverse proxy?
4)How to see logs of Squid proxy?
5)How to see cache in Squid proxy?
6)How to clear Cache in Squid proxy?
7)Totally how many configuration modules are there in Squid proxy?
A)nearly some 127 modules in squid proxy
8)What is the authentication used in Samba when it is used as PDC?
9)Where is the logs present for samba PDC server?
10)Some of the logs in my system are not time stamped how to resolve this ?
11)How to see what is the encryption used by ssl?
11)How to host different domains on with different ip add on single system?
12)How to assigned different ip add to single interface?
13)How to assign different ip addresses to single interface? what is the default gateway to each ip address?

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