We are very much happy to announce that we started posting on DNS client and Server stuff on our blog for this month(Jan 2011). We already have some minor existing stuff related to DNS and troubleshooting it. Below are quick links to our existing DNS Server/Client stuff



Some of the DNS topics which are going to cover in this month are as follows. Please feel free to add requirements for DNS concepts which are not listed here  in either comments section or DNS Stuff Request Form.

Basics of DNS server

  • 1)DNS Evolution
  • 2)How Name resolution works?
  • 3)How can I Setup DNS Lookup in Linux?
  • 4)Linux / UNIX set the DNS from the GUI
  • 5)How to set the DNS from the CLI in Linux?
  • 6)How can we Find Out What My DNS Servers Address on client side?
  • 7)DNS client configuration(Ubuntu/Windows/Redhat/Solaries/AIX/HPUX etc)
  • 8)What is NSORDER(DNS search order) and how to set it up in DNS Client?
  • 9)Different DNS Records and their usages.
  • 10)What is DNS server port number?
  • 11)On what protocol DNS wroks?
  • 12)What are DNS ROOT servers?

DNS server configuration

  • 1)Installing DNS server
  • 2)DNS named.conf, Zone files explained
  • 3)Upgrading BIND DNS server software
  • 4)DNS server implementation
  • 5)DNS Master-Slave implementation
  • 6)DDNS configuration(Requires DHCP)
  • 7)BLDNS server configuration(For Black listing spam Domains from  dsbl.org / spamhaus.org database)
  • 8)Round Robin DNS server configuration
  • 9)DNS cache server configuration
  • 10)How to update named.conf file without restarting DNS service?
  • 11)How to update Zone files without restarting DNS service?

DNS server troubleshooting

  • 1)DNS logging
  • 2)Named.conf file error checking
  • 3)Zone file error checking
  • 4)tcpdump command
  • 5)DNS tool – DIG
  • 6)DNS tool – nslookup
  • 7)DNS tool – host
  • 8)DNS tool – dnstop
  • 9)DNS tool – fpdns
  • 10)How to test or check reverse DNS
  • 11)Linux Date Command: Convert Named Stats Dump Date
  • 12)How to debug DNS logs using rndc query
  • 13)How can i check on what port my DNS is working
  • 14)DNS errors


Improving speed of DNS

  • 1)DNS response How to
  • 2)Disable Dynamic Updates in DNS
  • 3)How to Stop Recursion DNS queries Under Linux ?
  • 4)How to Force BIND DNS Server to take full advantage of system resources?
  • 5)How To Flush Linux BIND DNS Cache?
  • 6)nsupdate Dynamic DNS Update Utility for Linux?


Securing DNS

  • 1)How to hide out DNS server version
  • 2)Find out DNS Server Version With DNS Server Fingeprinting tool
  • 3)How can I Find Out If My DNS Server is Free From DNS Cache Poisoning?
  • 4)Find the DNS Authority Record for a DNS Domain (SOA)?
  • 5)Linux Iptables block or open DNS / bind service port 53
  • 6)Cache poisioning issue and how to resolve it
  • 7)Configuring DNS in DMZ for security.
  • 8)What is DNS spoofing?

Miscellaneous DNS topics
  • 1)OpenDNS servers
  • 2)FreeDNS servers
  • 3)Google DNS servers
  • 4)Go Daddy Registered Domain.
  • 5)Configure Linux / UNIX dns resolver to append domain search
  • 6)Configure BIND DNS Server to Listen Only On Certain IP Address or Network Interface.

Good places to find more info on DNS

  • 1)Book review
  • 2)Advanced DNS server configurations
  • 3)Online tools

Please feel free to contact us if you want to add up something or have a word to say at comments..!

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Mr Surendra Anne is from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is a Linux/Open source supporter who believes in Hard work, A down to earth person, Likes to share knowledge with others, Loves dogs, Likes photography. He works as Devops Engineer with Taggle systems, an IOT automatic water metering company, Sydney . You can contact him at surendra (@) linuxnix dot com.