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The Linux Juggernaut updates (

What is KVM virtualization in Linux?

Check if a machine runs on 64 bit or 32 bit Processor/Linux OS?

KVM Virtualization: Find Hardware support KVM/VMware ESXi or not?

KVM virtualization: Install KVM hypervisor in Ubuntu/Debian Linux?

KVM virtualization: Install KVM hypervisor in Redhat/CentOS/Fedora Linux?

KVM virtualization: Install Ubuntu Linux as Guest OS in KVM hypervisor?

KVM virtualization: Install Redhat/CentOS/Fedora as Guest OS in KVM hypervisor?

KVM virtualization: Network(NAT) configuration in KVM hypervisor?

KVM: Connect to a virtual machine(SSH, VNC, Console, virt-viewer etc)

KVM: Start/stop/save/restart guest VM’s in Hypervisor?

KVM: Get hypervisor and Guest Virtual Machine details?


Scripting Mania updates(

AWK scripting: What is an AWK and how to use it?

AWK scripting: 14 AWK print statment examples

Linux/Unix Shell scripting: 10 String manapluation examples

AWK scripting: 8 AWK printf statements examples

Linux/Unix Shell scripting:Print last array element

AWK scripting: 10 BEGIN and END block examples


Linux/Open source Errors and their solutions(

error: command ‘save’ requires option

Loaded plugins:fastest mirror Loading mirror speed from cached hosfile Setting up install process Nothing to do

error: Requested operation is not valid: Disk does not support snapshotting


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