The latest Ubuntu 10.04 was launched on 29 April 2010. The codename of this operating system is “Lucid Lynx “. This new release includes the Linux kernel 2.6.32. It is a long term support edition. Which is having a brand new theme which makes it better looking than the previous releases. And name of the theme is “Ambience”. It is upgraded with more than 1200 packages. This OS will boot within 10 Seconds.

Here is the link to download latest Ubuntu desktop ISO
The new features of Ubuntu 10.04 are :

1. Ubuntu 10.04 is having Which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. Where we can create documents, presentations and spread sheets. Its really good featuer to open docx and other files by default.
2. The new things in Ubuntu 10.04 is we can read and update our social networks such as Facebook, twitter using "Me" menu. And the new 10.04 Ubuntu’s music player includes an integrated store, from which we can buy and download new tracks. And one more thing is we can store the music online and listen to it from other computers and music players.

3. Ubuntu 10.04 is flexible with all types of gadgets. Where we can connect our phones and cameras to download the pictures. And we can edit the pictures also using free application. Which is available in Ubuntu Software Centre.

4. In 10.04 Ubuntu all users will get one free Ubuntu account. Where we can store our data. And access the data from anywhere of the world. With the help of “One Ubuntu”.

5. In 10.04 Ubuntu we can watch and play the videos and movies. And we can edit the videos using pitivi.

6. Ubuntu 10.04 will loads quickly on any computer. But it is super fast on new computers. And the browser will open within a fractions of seconds than compared to other OSes.

7. In Ubuntu 10.04 we are free to choose and free to use the games, puzzles and more.

The different flavours of Ubuntu are :

2. Linux Mint
3. nUbuntu
4. Mythubuntu
5. Ubuntu Ultimate
6. Protech ONE
7. Edubuntu
8. OpenGEU 7.10
9. Gobuntu
10. Freespire
11. Kubuntu
12. gOS
13. xunbuntu
14. CrunchBang Linux
15. VoiceBuntu
16. Kiwi Linux
17. Ubuntu Studio
18. Scibuntu
19. Elbuntu
20. Ubuntu Lite
21. Ubuntu ES
22. Ubuntu Home Server
23. Ubuntu Mobile
24. Ubuntu Server Edition JeOS

How to install Ubuntu 10.04 on a normal desktop?

Ans : If you are upgrading your OS from Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04
Step1 : Press Alt+F2

Step2 :
 Type update-manager –d (Without quotes) in the command box.

Step3 : Update manager will open and tell you New distribution release ’10.04’ is availabel.

Step4 : Click on upgrade and please follow the on screen instructions.

If you want to upgrade your Server from 9.10 to 10.04 :

Step1 : Install the update-manager-core package.
If the above package is not installed in the server.

Step2 : Edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set

Step3 : Launch the upgrade tool with the command sudo
Do-release-upgrade –d;

And please follow the on screen instructions.