Hi Linux Lovers/Admins,

                                       From today we are going to give brief update about major releases of Linux distributions on Weekly basis.

What is the benefit you will get from this?

You will come to know latest news about major Linux distribution releases which will help you get more in sight of different distributions.

 Some FAQ of distributions

What is a Linux distribution?

A distribution is member of family of Unix-like operating system build on kernel –Wikipedia.org

A distribution sometimes referred as Distro or flavor or variant. Sometimes Linux distribution is defined as Linux kernel + GNU apps + Distributer specific applications. For example if we have Redhat Linux then it can be said as Linux kernel + GNU apps + distributer specific Apps

Total how many Linux distributions are there?

There are total 450+ variants of Linux operating systems are there.

What is the best Desktop Linux distribution at present?


How about the best Server Linux distribution at present?


Oldest Linux distribution: Slackware

Some unique information about distributions

  • There are distributions entirely deviated to make Linux OS as a router. Example: ipcop,
  • There is a Distribution entirely for Phone network: asterisk.
  • There is a distribution entirely for penetration testing: BackTrack Linux
  • There is a distribution for data recovery: TestDisk.
  • There are distributions which is designed for native support: Swecha for Telugu people
  • There is a Linux distribution for multimedia persons: Ubuntu studio

This week updates:

Scientific Linux 6.1 Released: co-developed by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) for scientific calculations and work.  Get Scientific Linux ISO here.

NexentaStor 3.1.0 Released: an enterprise-class storage solution built upon the foundation of the Open Solaris-based Nexenta Core Platform. Get NexentaStor 3.1.0 ISO here

Parted Magic 6.4 Released: a small utility distribution with specialist software for data rescue and disk partitioning tasks. Get PARTED Magic6.4 ISO here

TurnKey Linux 11.2 Released TurnKey Linux is an Ubuntu-based virtual appliance library that integrates some of the best open-source software into ready-to-use solutions. Get TurnKey Linux ISO here

 Stay tuned to our next week Linux distro release updates..

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