For Solaris routing, you have to see our IP routing in Oracle Solaris. Do you know that Linux OS can use as a router? We will see how to implement routing on Linux box here. When I worked for Cisco Systems, they used Linux servers as routers in their test environments to communicate between actual routers in Lab environment to save on costs as they do not require complex routing stuff. Even there is a project called Linux routing and a separate Linux flavor for the routing purpose; that’s the flexibility of Linux. Let us start some basic routing commands. In Linux/*nix every work can be done in two ways.

1) That is a temporary way ( after reboots these changes will not be there) and

2) The other is a permanent way (after reboots too, the changes will be there).

We will see how to add routes temporary as well as permanent way

How to add routes temperately in Linux

Example1: Add a path to network


#route add -net network/mask gw default-gateway


#route add -net gw

Example2: Adding default gateway Syntax:

#route add default gw default-gateway


#route add default gw

Example3: Adding a route to specific host

#route add -host host-name gw default-gateway


#rotue add -host gw

Ecample4: Deleting route to a network

#route del -network network/subnet default-gateway


#route del -net gw

Example5: Deleting default gateway

#route del default gw default-gateway


#route del default gw

Example6: Deleting particular host from routing table

#route del -host ip-add gw default-gateway


#route del -host gw

Example7: Seeing routing table

#netstat -rn 

These are not permanent routes and will be deleted automatically. In order to make them permanent we have to save these stuff in to files

Adding IP routing permently in Linux/Unix

 The old gate way will still remain and may need to remove from the system to function properly. Routes are made permanent in Redhat Linux by adding routes to/etc/sysconfig/static-routes.

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