Is there any tool which is equivalent to do what WINscp does in Windows?

Winscp is widely used tool in windows to access any Linux/Nix machine to transfer data(files/folders). Its look similar to FTP client such as filezilla client.
Suppose you are in Linux machine and want to mount(connect) a folder similar to WinSCP with SSH protocol, then this post is for you. This tool will work to connect http, https, ftp, samba share protocols etc.

In Linux we have one utility called nautilus to do this work.
Install natutilus


#yum install nautilus


#apt-get install nautilus

Try to access Nautilus as shown below in screen by screen shot manner

Go to places and the slect connect to server.

Now you can see a pop-up window which shows the service type.

Then select the protocol as ssh. 

Then specify the server ip, port where ssh service is running, user name to connect, then press connect

Now it will ask for the user’s password, enter the password and connect it.

This screen shot show the remote server content.