By default in Ubuntu SSH(Secure SHell) server is not installed. This is a big problem when you want to access the Ubuntu machines from other machines we can not access. In this post I will show you how to install and SSH server and give you some examples how to use ssh.

Installing ssh server in ubuntu
#apt-get install openssh-server
Once you install now try to login to that machine
#ssh 0

Note : In this example i am login to same machine, which i am going to check whether service is running or not. We should get successfully login for the above command which will prompt for password.

SSH examples:

Example1 : Login to a remote machine using it’s hostname
#ssh servername

Note : This will allow us to login to remote server on default
ssh port(22)

Example2 : Login to a remote machine using it’s IP add

Example3 : Login in to a remote machine which uses different port for running ssh server
#ssh 2010

Note : Here SSH server is running on 2010 port(some times this is good practice to secure the system).

Example4 : Login to a remote machine with different user
#ssh user@

Example5 : Executing commands on remote machine without login to the machine.
#ssh “ls -l”

Note : This command will execute “ls -l” command on remote host: and gives the output on a local machine.

SSH server is a big concept which can not be dealt with in one post. Will try to write another post on SSH server.