How to mount NTFS(New Technology File System) partations in Linux?
Ans : By default we can not mount ntfs partations, to do that we have two options
1.Compiling kernle, click here to see how to compile a kernel.
2.Install Fuse tool and then mount the ntfs partation’s.

Let us start how to install fuse and then mount ntfs partations
Step1 : Install the following softwares
#yum install fuse
#yum install dkms-fuse
#yum install fuse-ntfs-3g

If you don’t have yum and want to install through rpm, then you have to download the above three packages and install them through rpm command.
For this you need to download correct versions of above packages from dag weirs repository.

Repository link is as following:

Step2 : After installing above packages, you need to ensure that “fuse” module is loaded or not, run the below command
#lsmod | grep fuse

Step3 : If this is not showing any thing, we have to load this fuse module.
#modprobe fuse

Step4 : After loading fuse module, run following command to mount ntfs filesystem in linux system
# mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hdb1 /media
Above command will mount ntfs partition in R/W mode.