This is our second post on installing Linux OS(We have other OS like Ubuntu, Arch Linux on the way). In this post we will see on how to install Cent-OS through CD-ROM.

About CentOS: Community ENTerprise OS is one more popular OS in Linux server market. This OS came into prominence when Redhat started distributing it’s flagship OS RHEL for paid subscribers. CentOS is exact replica of RHEL and binary compatible.

Below are the screenshots on how to install Cent OS 6.

Selection_045 Selection_046 Selection_047 Selection_061 Selection_062 Selection_063 Selection_064 Selection_065 Selection_066 Selection_067 Selection_068 Selection_069 Selection_070 Selection_071 Selection_073 Selection_075 Selection_076 Selection_077 Selection_078 Selection_079 Selection_080 Selection_081 Selection_082 Selection_083 Selection_084 Selection_085 Selection_086 Selection_087 Selection_089 Selection_090 Selection_091 Selection_092 Selection_093 Selection_094 Selection_096

In our next post we will see how to install Ubuntu Linux.

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