Hello every one…! Google released it’s browser for Linux and MAC world officially. There is an unofficial build which most of the Linux geeks using till this point. Now it’s officially build from Google with a rotine beta tag. Though Google (many)servers run on linux, Google have showed less intrest to linux based applications(For example there is no gtalk client for linux till this point officially). May be this is because of user base and market too. Google taken nearly 1.2years to develop a Linux based browser after Google chrome browser for windows announced in 2 September 2008.

There are many featuers in this browser though it is a beta release.

1.Extentions(Are some kind of add-ons with which we can add our favorite utilites to the browser).
2.Theams(We can chage the look of the browser).
3.A task manager(Google chrome considers each tab as an individual application, so if one tab crashes it will not affect other, we can kill that tab by using this task manager).
4.Efficiently utilization of empty tab by keeping nine most visited sites, so it’s easy to access that sites when we open a new tab.

And many more improvements to come. I will update this post with new findings.
Installing a RPM package

1.Download it as RPMS (For Redhat, Centos etc)
a.Install the rpm package
rpm –ivh packagename.ver.arch.rpm
Installing DEB package
Download it as DEB (for Debina, Ubuntu)
2.Install deb package
sudo dpkg -i package.deb

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