This is my first post on Distro’s. To discuss about Distributions, there is a lots and a lots of information about them which is beyond this blog. But I will try to cover as much good and best distros in the market on weekly basis.

To start with.. what is a Distro actually?
A “Linux distribution” (also called GNU/Linux distribution by some vendors and users) is a member of the family of Unix-like software distributions built on top of the Linux kernel. A distro some times refferd as “Distribution” or “Flavor“.

  1. For General public purpose(like Ubuntu & Fedora).
  2. For Corporate purpose(like Cisco Linux & Oracle Linux).
  3. For Regionality purpose(like swecha Linux for People whose mother tongue is Telugu).
  4. For Basic routing purpose(like Linux router project).
A distro is nothing but linux kernel(in general it is considerd as core of operating system)+Applications(such as mail clients,servers, browsers office suite etc).

Suppose if we say Redhat linux it is equal to Linux kernel developed by linus torvalds + Applications developed by Redhat people.
For your information here are some details about Distro.
There are more than 500 Distro’s in Linux followed by Unix with 150 flavors then with Windows around 50

Please keep an eye on this session to see coming Distro’s.