A shell is an utility from where you can access Linux/*Nix servers from any where and execute the commands/scripts etc.

This post is for the users who are new to linux/Nix and want to feel/work on the Linux without installing on the system. is free online BSD(Berkeley Software Distribution) server where you can request a shell account and explore your self.

There are so many free shell providers on net but most of the servers/service providers will not give you free account simply, you have to prove your self to them that you are not a spamer and you are really in need of shell account to explore Unix.

Here are some advantages:

  1. No need to install any unix systems.
  2. Good for beginers.

Some disadvantages:

  1. You can work on only limited commands provided by the system administrator.
  2. Require any SSH clients(such as Putty) and internet connection.

Here are the links from where you can get your free Shell accounts

  1. (I personally used their service and it’s preaty good)

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