Many people asks, what are the good places to learn puppet on-line.
This post is for the people who are looking for good on-line resources free as well as paid stuff.
There are many on-line resources available at the time of writing this post. With just Google we may not find all these stuff. We have categorized those resources as below.

Puppet Official documentation

This link have many products developed by Puppet labs to support puppet automation tool. They have really good docs z will go in depth for each topic.

The Puppet labs provides us with beautiful on-line self phased resource to learn Puppet. The above link is a video tutorial and an on-line practice tool. We require to register to access this resources. The Puppet labs provide us with live Linux AWS instance to start practicing Puppet. We feel the best way to learn anything is implement the things at the time of learning.

Each video is followed by notes on what you see, details about AWS VM for practicing and a quiz on what you just learn.

The puppet labs blog is one more resource to know more about what’s happening around the world with Puppet and some announcements.

They have even a Q&A site to get your questions and issues resolved free of costs from fellow puppet users and experts alike.

Puppet do webinars on weekly basis on different technologies which are interlinked with Puppet, market research etc. This is an excellent resource to know more about puppet, it’s configurations with other technologies like building software, docker, virtulizations etc.

Puppet IRC channels

IRC’s is one more good resource to get your issues resolved quickly. Puppet labs have two official IRC channels one for Puppet users and other for developers

Just ask your questions there with details and you will get your answers very quickly.

Puppet Q&A sites

These days questions and answers sites are getting popular then forums/groups due to the quality of the answer we get from multiple people instead of getting replies with no information. Some of Q&A answer sites to look for are below.

Both Serverfault and stackoverflow have almost 1100+ questions as Puppet is useful for both for administrators and developers equally.

Puppet Blogs/Sites is my favorite one to quickly check for syntax which have excellent cook book recipes.

Puppet Groups!forum/puppet-users!forum/puppet-dev

Groups is one more excellent place to know what is happening in Puppet world and get our queries answered by experts. Above mention groups have puppet employees and developers who will answer user questions on time.

Other Puppet sites

Above Quora and reddit sites have excellent community helps you in knowing more about puppet. Please share your favorite sites which you refer when dealing with Puppet.

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