Redis is a Open source DB which is used for Linux/Unix Platform. It has in-built wide range of feature, which can use for such as replication, High availability etc… For more info you can visit

Lets start with installation in Linux/Unix platform.


Redis Stable version is now 3.2.3 Which You can find and download from site.

First pre-requisite package need to install by Yum





Create Directory with Redis

mkdir /redis

copy redisgz file to this /redis directory

Extract it

tar -zxvf …gz file

cd redis-3.2.3

cd deps

make hiredis jemalloc linenoise lua

make geohash-int

go back to src folder

cd ../src

make all

check all the modules compile successfully by below command

make test

If any error will revoke in 41 section at the end of the test related to disk sync try this command:
taskset -c 1 make test

make install

To start redis server use redis-server command Also A Redis server can use a configuration file* when booted, which can be specified like this

redis-server /path/to/conf/redis.conf like example redis-server /redis/redis-server3.2.3/redis.conf

*NOTE: Edit ‘bind’ in /redis/redis-server3.2.3/redis.conf so server will bind to the correct system IP. Set ‘daemonize yes’ for server to run as daemon.

Check server login

redis-cli then exit

Check Server version

redis-server –version

Shut redis server down

redis-cli shutdown

Thank you