In our the previous posts we covered many topics related to KVM hypervisor. Some of the KVM concepts you may be interested is below with detail explain on them in different posts.

In this post we will see screen cast on how to install Cent OS as Guest machine on KVM hypervisor. The installation is similar to Redhat and Fedora flavors. This installation is through GUI tool called virt-manager which is very much user-friendly and makes our installation very simple.

Step1: Start virt-manager through terminal.


Virtual Machine Manager_003

Step2: Click on the new machine icon and start installing Cent OS. Below steps are quite straight forward.

New VM_004

New VM_005

Step3: You will be prompted for installation disk location, VM name etc. Click forward as shown above. In the below diagram you will be given option what is the RAM you want select and no of vCPU’s.

New VM_009

Step4: Select the harddisk size from below window and where to store img file which your VM HDD.

New VM_006

New VM_007

Step5: Once the VM settings are done you can click finish to start installation of Ubuntu machine as VM in KVM hypervisor.

Press Control_L+Alt_L to release pointer. Redhat-base Virtual Machine_011 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_013 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_014 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_015 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_016 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_017 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_018 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_019 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_020 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_021 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_022 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_023 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_024 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_025 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_026 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_038 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_039 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_040 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_041 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_042 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_043 Redhat-base Virtual Machine_044

In the next post we will see how to do networking(NATing and Bridge)configuration in KVM hypervisor through GUI using Virtual machine Manager.

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