How to authenticate web access to perticular user?

Ans :

Step1 : Check if the apache package is installed or not.  If it’s not installed install it.

#rpm -qa | grep httpd

#yum install httpd

Step2 : Create DNS CNAME entry for this virtual host as which should point to our server name

Step2a : Create a home direcotry for our virtual host and index.html file

#mkdir /websites/auth

#vi /websites/auth/index.html

Step3 : Create and configure user names to whom we should give access to this site.  For this we have to create user name and passwords virtually.

Step3(a) : Create an empty file in /etc/httpd

#touch /etc/httpd/passwd

Step3(b) : Create usernames who require access to this site..

#htpasswd -mc /etc/httpd/passwd username

Then it will ask for passwd for this new user



Let me explain about two steps.

/etc/httpd/passwd file contains all the user names with encrypted passwords.

htpasswd is the command to create the new users

-m =>MD5 encryption

-c => Create a password file if it’s not there

Once the above users are create we have to create .htaccess file in /websites/auth folder.  So that our site will be accessed through authentication.

#vi /websites/auth/.htaccess

AuthName “Testing for Authentication”

AuthType Basic

AuthUserFile “/etc/httpd/passwd”

require valid-user

Save the file and exit

Step4 : Configure virtual host now in our httpd.conf file which is located at /etc/httpd/conf/

Step4(a) : Specify ServerName as in httpd.conf file


Step4(b) : Specify NameVirtualHost


Step4(c) : Create index.html in /websites/auth/ folder and edit something in that file

#vi /websites/auth/index.html

Save and exit the file

Step4(d) : Now create a virtual host entry.



<Directory /websites/auth>

AllowOverride Authconfig


DocumentRoot /websites/auth/

DirectoryIndex index.html


Let me explain new entries in this virtualhost

Directory /websites/auth => This indicate where should the authentication should start.  Its /websites/auth so when ever user tries to access this folder /websites/auth it should ask for username and password.

AllowOverride Authconfing => This specifies user require to enter username/password when entering this site.

Save and exit the file

Step5 : Check for the syntax errors in the httpd.conf file before restarting the apache service.

#httpd -t


#httpd -k graceful

Step6 : Now start the service and then add it to booting scripts so that it will start automatically at every boot of the system

#service httpd restart

#chkconfig httpd on

step7 : Now try to access you will be prompted to enter username and password.

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