This post is about changing from one terminal to other one in Linux. There are by default 7 terminals in Linux/Unix A terminal is a software which is used an interface between Linux kernel and an user. First six terminals are text based terminals by default and can be accessed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th runlevels. And the last 7th terminal is graphical terminal in which we can open multiple virtual terminals. So if you want to switch from one terminal to other then you have to press ctrl+alt+function keys. For example you want to access 6th terminal you can press ctrl+alt+f6 keys. Below table give you brief idea about terminals.

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Simultaneously there is another procedure to access the terminals there is a command chvt(change virtual terminal) is used to change the terminals for example you want to switch to terminal 3 just type the below thing in your shell.
chvt 3

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