How to access the web server through a hostname?

Step1: Check for the package installed or not

#rpm -qa | grep httpd

Step2 : Install the package

#yum install httpd

Step3 : For hostbased web access we require DNS server entries of our host.

Example host in this post is : server name) and virtual host name)

So we have to give A record for the and CNAME record for which points to

Step3 : Create the root web directory and a test index.html for this testing.

I want to create my web directory in /hostnamebase

#mkdir /hostnamebase

Now create index.html and try to write something in to that file then save the file.

#vi /hostnamebase/index.html

save and exit the file.

Step4 : Now edit the httpd.config file

#vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Step4(a) : Please specify the NameVirtualHost


What is the significance of this entry?
Ans : This directive is a set to IP address/actuall system name if you want to configure your server to host. Name based virtual hosting. So here i am using ip address of my system. You can try to put actual hostname if you want to test it.

Step4(b) : Now configure virtual host entry as shown below.

Go to last line and write the below content
DocumentRoot /hostnamebase/
DirectoryIndex index.html
Save the file and exit. Let me explain ServerName entry ServerName This is used to specify what is the virtual host name of your new Virtualhost. So user can type this FQDN to access this site. Now save the file and exit.

Step5 : Check for the syntax errors in the httpd.conf file before restarting the apache service.

#httpd -t


#httpd -k graceful

Step6 : Now start the service and then add it to booting scripts so that it will start automatically at every boot of the system

#service httpd restart

#chkconfig httpd on

Step7 : Now check the site using in your browser.

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