Some times you want to rename a group of files to lower case from upper case.  This renaming can be achieved by using a shell script and a tr command which will translate upper case to lower case

Here is my version of the script to do the activity.

#Created on:02-02-2011

#Last modified:02-02-2011

#Purpose:To Convert files/folders from upper case to lower case names

#Author:Surendra Kumar Anne

#The below for loop will take inputs from ls command will rename all

#the files which contains upper case to lower case except the script file it self.

for j in *


if [[ “$j” == “$0” ]]


echo “You can not move me”



new_file=$(echo $j | tr [A-Z] [a-z])

echo “Moving $org_file –> $new_file”

mv $org_file $new_file



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