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VIM editor: Replace tabs with spaces

Many people use VIM editor for their file editing purpose in Linux. When you are coding heavily in a group project and depending on VIM editor, you will come across some issues with spaces and tabs. This will definitely irritate how the tabs will align with other IDE. The best solution is to convert your tab into space. This post is about updating your existing files and all new files with spaces when ever you press tab. Changing tabs to space in an existing file using VI editor In VI command mode when you are within the file, execute below...

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Join our Free DevOps Slack channels

Some three months back we started WhatsApp groups for devops. We created multiple groups for different devops technologies like Cloud, Version Control Systems, Configuration management systems, Virtualization etc. Due to WhatsApp limit of 256 users per group, many people got disappointed and started pinging admins to come up with a solution. We thought of going with Telegram but s We thought of going with Telegram chat application as that is available in many platforms and it is a similar service. The other tool we thought is Slack which is nowadays extensively used by many devops teams. One downside of this is the free version is capable of storing only 10000 messages and we cannot retrieve older logs. We made a decision to move to Slack for all our Devops groups from WhatsApp so that there is no limit on a number of users joined in a channel and another advantage is a user who participated in slack will acquire operational experience in using it. How to install Slack? Preferred is to install on your mobile by clicking below link.       Once you install slack software on your mobile click below link. Click here to click our Devops Slack group where you find many Devops slack groups or copy below link and paste it in your web browser. You will be asked for your team details which you...

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Opscode Chef terminology you should know

Opscode Chef is a bit complex when compared to other configuration management tools like Puppet and Ansible. With complexity, it is heard to remember what component do what. This post will help you learning different Chef terms as well as the basic architecture of Chef. In our next post we will show you what different terms we use in Puppet, Ansible, and Chef. We will approach this in a different fashion ie just not terms but where they fit in Chef setup. We will go with a top-down approach in describing each component related coding of cookbooks and related...

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My name is Surendra Kumar Anne. I hail from Vijayawada which is cultural capital of south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. I am a Linux evangelist who believes in Hard work, A down to earth person, Likes to share knowledge with others, Loves dogs, Likes photography. At present I work at Bank of America as Sr. Analyst Systems and Administration. You can contact me at surendra (@) linuxnix dot com.

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