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Fixing git/github merge conflicts

Introduction In our previous article on the git version control system, we explained how we could modify our files in repositories in our GitHub account and then pull the changes from GitHub to the git repositories on our local...

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Pulling changes from GitHub to Git

Introduction In our previous article, we demonstrated how we would push our git repositories from our local system out to GitHub. In this article, we will demonstrate how we would actually make changes in a file within a...

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Working with branches in git (part 2)

                               Introduction In our previous article, we introduced you to the concept of branches in git. We explained what are branches and demonstrated how we could create a branch, switch to a different branch...

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Working with branches in git (part 1)

                               Introduction Thus far we’ve explored different features of the GIT version control system like viewing a log of the git commit history, viewing differences between staged and committed...

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Here documents in bash explained

Introduction Input/output redirection is an extremely important aspect of writing bash shell scripts and working with the bash shell command line interface in general. A here document is a form of I/O redirection that tells the...

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Github and git integration

Introduction In the articles we’ve posted thus far, we’ve worked with git and saved changes by making commits on our local system. This is one way to use git i.e like a local backup system wherein we save the state...

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