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nohup How To Run Commands In Backgroud?

How to run Linux commands in background even when you logout? Ans : In Linux/nix by default we cant run the commands in background when we logged. When we try to logout form terminal you will get following error.$ exit There are stopped jobs. Supose you have logged in to a remote system by using ssh, after starting a script there you thought of logging out from that terminal but the script is still running. At this point we want to run the script even we loggedout. What we can do is to run a process background though you have logged out ? This can be achived by using the nohup command. Below is the man help for nohup. No Hang Up. Run a command immune to hangups, runs the given command with hangup signals ignored, so that the command can continue running in the background after you have logged out. Syntax: nohup Command [Arg] & Example1: nohup ping

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Light Weight Linux

There are so many applications which will allow you to use linux on Windows such as VMWARE , Virtual Box etc. Or there is some emulator kind of software’s which will allow you to run Linux on Windows.One such application today what I am going to discuss is wubi it’s just like a software we can install and it will install linux on your system without modification of your partitions/partition table. Its as simple as pressing next, next, next and then just restart the system, you will find Ubuntu and Windows on your system and start up screen as a duel boot. This is some thing like virtual machine. And some other similar applications Please visit for more linux admin...

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How to create ip route in Linux/Unix

For Solaris routing, you have to see our IP routing in Oracle Solaris. Do you know that Linux OS can use as a router? We will see how to implement routing on Linux box here. When I worked for Cisco Systems, they used Linux servers as routers in their test environments to communicate between actual routers in Lab environment to save on costs as they do not require complex routing stuff. Even there is a project called Linux routing and a separate Linux flavor for the routing purpose; that’s the flexibility of Linux. Let us start some basic routing commands. In Linux/*nix every work can...

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