How To Access/Change Password For Root Account In Ubuntu

This post will show you how to login as root in Ubuntu By default Ubuntu will not allow you to login as root due to security reason. So how to login as root without knowing its password? Ans : Here are simple steps to login as root. Step1 : Login to normal user account Step2(…)


Though this is a basic topic known to many of you, But I want to share so that some one will get new things.BASH(Broune Again Shell) is the default shell in Linux, which will act as a communicator between Kernel and user. Its having so many capabilities such asa.Short cutsb.Command chainingc.HistoryAs I mention we will(…)

How To Take The Backup Of MBR(Master Boot Recorder)

1.How to take the backup and restore MBR? Why do you require to take the backup of your MBR? Ans : MBR (Master Boot Recorder) is a vital part of your hard disk which contains booting information, without it its difficult to boot the system. Suppose you have windows and Linux duel boot on your(…)

FILE’S and FOLDER’S Part-2

FILES & FOLDERS PART-II CREATING FOLDERS :Cmd4a : Creating a single folder. #mkdir foldernameExample :#mkdir testCmd4b : Creating multiple folders at a time#mkdir 1{1,2,3}This command will create folders with name 11,12,13. You can see weather this folders are created or not by using ls or dir command. Cmd4c : Creating multiple directories and sub directories(…)


FILES & FOLDERS PART-I There is one saying in Linux/*nix world, that if you can play with files and folders in Unix you are almost there to become a Unix expert. So let us start our first lesson to become Unix expert by learning about files and folder operations. CREATING FILES: Cmd1 : Use touch(…)

All about ISO image files

ISO IMAGE FILESWhat are ISO image files?An ISO image is an archive file (also known as a disk image) of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO image files typically have a file extension of .iso. The name ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system(…)

Get the basic Linux book

This post is for the beginners who want’s to start learning linux, which contains Introduction Shell Tips Help Re-directing operators Basic file system System monitoring Disk management User management Text Editors Mathematical tools Network Management Security Backup/Restore Scheduling etc… So many basic consepts with good explination for new Linux users. Get the book here. Please(…)

Kernel Recompilation

Here I am giving some steps how to complie kernel? By default RedHat will not support the ntfs partitions mounting. So we will do kernel recompilation and get the job done. Step1 : Before Compiling the kernel the following packages should be installed in order to compile kernela. Glib-develb. Gccc. Ncurscs-develd. Binutilse. Kernel-sourcecode Step2 :(…)

History Of Linux

1950 : The history of computer operating systems starts in this year, with simple schemes for running batch programs(running programs in groups these prog will not interact with user) efficiently, minimizing idle time between programs. 1960’s : Interactive use of systems started to gain ground. Not only interactive use, but having several people use the(…)