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Month: November 2009

Some interview topics

If you are preparing for interviews for linux admin jobs you should be familiar with below concepts.. 1) Port number of different servers {cat /etc/services} 2) Linux Installation(through FTP,HTTP,NFS) 3) Boot process 4) Diff b/w ext3 and ext2 5) RAID LEVELS and Selection of raid 6) backup methods 7) Package management such as Yum server 8) Kernel Tuning 9) IPTABLES 10) TCP WRAPPERS 11) DIFFERENT RUN LEVELS 12) USER AND GROUP MANAGEMENT 13) QUOTA SETTING(user and group) 14) DIFF B/W CRON AND AT 15) BASIC SHELL SCRIPTING 16) Troubleshooting different issues. 17) Tell me why we should hire you? 18) DAILY ACTIVITES IN YOUR CURRENT COMPANY 19) RECENTLY SOLVED CRITICAL ISSUE 20) LVM (Very Imp) 21) Vertias Volume manager 22) cluster basic like HAD , GAB , LLT , HEARTBEAT , CONFIG FILES , RESOURCE , SERVICE GROUPS etc. 23 ) kernel panic troubleshooting 24) Process management 25)Configuration part of NFS , NIS , Samba , DHCP , DNS,Apache, Sendmail etc.. 26)Remote administration experience. And many more depending on your job profile. You should know each topics what you mentioned in your resume . If you are not sure about anything , don’t mention in your resume and your resume should reflect your skills. Please visit for more linux admin...

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SAMBA Server Configuration

SAMBA(SMB server) is a file sharing server. Which is used to share files between Windows, Linux and Unix Systems. SMB(Server Message Block) is a proprietary protocol which is developed by MicrosoftLets see how we can configure SAMBA in Linux.Step1 : Create a directory where you want to keep data and share with other remote systems(either windows/Solaris/in fact any unix flavor etc).#mkdir /share1 Step2 : Installing Samba server#yum install samba Step3 : Once we install Samba server, configure it using it’s main configuration file(/etc/samba/smb.conf)Step3(a) : Open smb.conf file and specify the work group where this server belongs #vi /etc/samba/smb.confsearch for workgroup word and specify your work group nameworkgroup = windows-group.Why we require this workgroup? Ans : When windows user try to access any network resource they first try to access my network places and then search for workgroup then to server. So definitly we have to specify this workgroup entry in smb.conf file. Step3(b) : So now we have to give a name to this samba server, search for “server string” with out quotes then provide the samba server name(here that name is linux-share)server string = linux-share Step3(c):Now specify the share details, which folder you want to share. To whom you want to share? Goto last line of the smb.conf file specify your shared folder details as follows.[myshare]comment = “This is my Linux data want to share with my windows...

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5 pgrep command examples in Linux

I used to wonder how can I find all the PID’s used by a specific user in the system or an application. This is a long time question in my mind. I used to try all sorts of commands to find what process is running by a service/user. The workaround commands which I used are as follows. 1.#ps -ef 2.#top But none of these tools gives a number of processes run for an Application or a User. That’s where I come across one wonderful command. To serve the purpose there is a command in Linux called pgrep(process grep). The grep...

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