All About info, man, whatis, whereis, –help Commands

Do you know what dmidecode command will do? Ans : Are you going to search in google about dmidecode? No need to search boss. No need to go any where. Linux provied many help tools to make you familiar with any command. This post is all about these commands/options and they are as follows. command 2.(…)

File types In Linux/Unix explained in detail.

"How many types of files are there in Linux/Unix and what are they?" This is a common question to every person who starts to learn Linux. O.K, why is it that much important to know file types? Answer: This is because Linux considers every thing as a file. When ever you start working on Linux/Unix(…)

Right Click To Open A Document

How to open a document/spreed sheet or any office document on right clicking with mouse on a desktop or in a folder in Linux(Ubuntu/Redhat)?Ans : By default there is no option to open a document/spreed sheet on right clicking on a desktop or in a folder, This is default option in Window$. If you are(…)

How To Change The Background Of A Terminal?

These days I am tweeking around Ubuntu desktop, one tweek I did today. How to change the background of a terminial?The change really rocked my desktop look. Just have a look at my terminal after I have changed the background of it. So you people want to try?Ans : Just do as follows. have good(…)

How To Change The Default Editor In Ubuntu

In most of the Linux distribution the defalut editor is set to “VI” and its very much popular editor too. But the strange in Ubuntu the default editor is “nano”. But most of the people are well in using vi editor. Here in this post I am going to show how to change the default(…)

How To Play .ram(Real Audio Metadata) In Redhat/Ubunto

The .ram (Real Audio Metadata) is an properitery audo formate from Real media network’s which is having its player called Real player.This format is a stream media format, ie media is stramed from other source. So how to play this file in Linux?Ans : To play this we have to install mplayer. you may get(…)

Batch Programming (Dos Scripting) VS Shell Scripting

When I started my career in IT field, I have landed into windows world, as I know that no companies give chance to a fresher to work on production Linux/Unix servers. Its a good experience to work on DOS scripts(aka Batch programming). There are many similarities/differences/advantages/disadvantages between Batch programming and Shell scripting. Lets see what(…)

All About Firefox “About Protocol”

Today I found some interesting hack about Mozilla/Firefox. I am in need of java in my Ubuntu machine. I have installed java, but I am not able to see any java related sites in my browser So when I have started searching for related topics, I found my answer how to check java is configured(…)

How To View Or List Only Directories In Linux?

How to view/list only directories in Linux?Ans : This can be achieved in two ways1. Through ls command2. Through find commandWith ls we have to use grep to get the directory listings.Ls –l grep ^dExample :[root@test surendra_a]# ls -l grep ^dd——— 2 surendra_a surendra_a 4096 Sep 8 09:54 HTWFAIPdrwxrwxr-x 2 surendra_a root 4096 Nov 27(…)

Configuration Of The Thunderbird And Adding Of Lightning Extention In Ubuntu

How to install and configure the Thunderbird and add lightning extention to the calender ?Ans : Thunderbird is an excelent e-mail client known in open source world other popular e-mail client is evolution. As of this writing TB3 is still in beta phase so we will see how to install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 9.10.Step1(…)