How To Set A PHP Path In Linux?

How can we set PHP path in linux?Ans : When you install PHP and host some .php files on webserver your web server will not detect it. This is because your Apache server does not know how to interprit PHP files? And and where is php located? To eleminate this issue we have to set(…)

Equivalent Tool For WINscp in Linux

Is there any tool which is equivalent to do what WINscp does in Windows? Winscp is widely used tool in windows to access any Linux/Nix machine to transfer data(files/folders). Its look similar to FTP client such as filezilla client. Suppose you are in Linux machine and want to mount(connect) a folder similar to WinSCP with(…)

How To Assign Default Gateway In Linux?

How to Assign Default gateway in linux?Ans : In linux Default gateway is set through route command or GUI tools.Through Route command#route add default gw default-gatewayExample :#route add default gw is the default gate of my system.Through GUI toolsUse system-config-network in terminal or GUI to set up default gateway. Please visit for(…)

How To View Default Gateway In Linux?

This is asked in some of the interviews. We can get default gateway information in linux in many ways. Such as viewing network card file or executing a command.To see default gateway by view network interface card file content.#cat /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/interface-noExample :[root@example ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0# Intel Corporation 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper)DEVICE=eth0BOOTPROTO=noneHWADDR=00:02:a5:4c:af:99ONBOOT=yesTYPE=EthernetNETMASK= route commandrouteExample:Kernel IP routing(…)

How To Assign Or Change Hostname In Linux and Unix?

Computers are assigned with a name as we do for humans beings. This is called hostname in computer world. So how to assign a hostname to a Linux system? Its very much simple. Before doing this we should know every task in Linux can be done in two ways : 1. Temporary way(once you boot(…)

How To Play WMV,WMA, MP3 Files In Linux?

By default most of the Linux systems will not support any of the mention formates. In order to play these files in Linux we require to install mplayer or vlc. My favourite one is VLC(VideoLAN Client). With which you can play most of the media files and even we can play streaming video and audio(…)

Find Memory Or RAM And Swap Usage In Linux

RAM plays an important role in the performance of a system. So we should monitor this memory usage to troubleshoot system. free is the basic command to get details of RAM and swap usage. #freeExample :# free total used free shared buffers cachedMem: 3059872 2842016 217856 0 33936 2012684-/+ buffers/cache: 795396 2264476Swap: 2000052 67672 1932380(…)

How To See Memory(RAM) Used By An Application Or Service?

Some times its required for us to know what is the RAM used by an application. Suppose in your machine Apache service or Mysql service is consuming up all your RAM. So how to check it? Is there any direct command to do this? The answer to this is no. We have to use two(…)

How To See What Processes Are Running On Your System?

Q. I know the subject is not quite what I want to know, but there is a command to list running processes and I can’t remember what it is? There are many commands to accomplish this. Here is the list. To see all the process running on a system#ps -AExample output : PID TTY TIME(…)

Notes For Vi Editor

VI editor is the default file editor in most of the Linux/Nix machines. It is having great capabilities to edit a file with in few key strokes. Lets start with some general information and then move on to some good things what vi editor can do for you while editing a file. 1. Vi stands(…)