Linux User Disk Quota Implementation

What is disk quota? Ans : Disk quota is nothing but restricting the disk-space usage to the users. We have to remember one thing when we are dealing with disk quota i.e Disk Quota can be applied only on disks/partitions not on files and folders. So how we can implement disk quota? Disk quota can(…)

TFTP Implementation In Linux

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server is an important service for Network engineers, because they will be using this TFTP server for coping big IOS(Inter networking Operating System)files to routers, So as a Linux administrators we have to install and configure tftp server. Why these network guys uses TFTP server for coping IOS images? why(…)

RPM Package Management-II (Checkinstall)

Part2 : So coming to advanced RPM management here I am going to discuss how to convert .tar.gz/.tar.bz2 files,src.rpm files to rpm packages? So that its very much easy to install the packages by using rpm command. New releases of Linux programs are generally released in the tar.gz format consisting of source code of the(…)

RPM Package Management – I

Package management in Linux is very much tedious job when compared to windows systems. Basically if we consider windows its very much easy even for LKG student will install the packages(in windows we will call it as softwares) very much easy main windows software packages are .exe or .bat or .msi or .cab files we(…)


Actually i am Google centric guy,who always romming around google google google to find out what Google is inventing day today. I am regular reader of and blogs, both the sites are totaly discuessing google releated information/hacks etcSo comming to the point why i am saying all this to u? that too in(…)

DNS Server Syntax Checking

Checking named.conf and DNS zone files for syntax errors such as dots, spaces, and coma’s etc is a tedious job to find and pinpoint them. Its very difficult to find where is the error in named.conf file. So for that we can use named-checkconf command to help us.. Syntax #named-checkconf configurationfileloc Example : #named-checkconf /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf(…)