Q:I am a Solaris guy I am new to Linux
can u please add the difference in installing packages through (( rpm and yum)) .. i am bit confused about these

YUM(Yellow dog updater and modifier) is latest model/application in installing RPM packages on Redhat based machines. This YUM comes in to existence due to drawbacks of RPM package management.

So whats the drawbacks of this RPM package management and what are the advantage of YUM

1If we want to install an application(Ex: apache), rpm need to install all the packages required for this application, these packages may vary from 1 rpm to several rpm’s depending on shared rpm packages.Install an application with single command
Ex: yum install httpd
2RPM package dependencies is bit toughYUM resolves dependencies with ease
3Batch installation of applications is possible with one commandYUM command can install number of applications in one single command
Ex: yum install httpd vsftpd
4RPM can not handle updated software installation automaticallyDoes YUM install updates of the existing packages by using
yum install upgrade
5Can not connect to online repositoriesCan connect to on-line repositories to get latest software before installing the applications


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