From today onwards we are going to start our new series on bash scripting in detail.There are many shell inbuilt variables which are used for administrators and writing efficient shell scripts.

The first part of the series is about Shell variables. Below are some posts about shell variables

  • Declaring variables
  • Printing variables
  • Local variables
  • Global or environment variables
  • Advanced declaring variables
  • System defined variables
  • Positional parameters or command line arguments
  • Special system defined variables.

Some questions and answers about Variables

What are variables?
A variable is name given to a value such as number, character, string etc.

Why to declare a variable?
We declare variable for storing some value in it. So that shell scripts will not depend on change in values.

Where we will use variables?
Variables are used to substitute commands, substitute values with generic names, Substitute paths with just names etc.

Stay tuned to our posts on Variables.

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