I have windows 2003 domain controller & RHEL 5 machines. I want to access applications which are installed on windows domain controller from RHEL5 machine.  what should I do ?

 As most of the time we will be accessing our Linux machines from windows using putty/ssh.
 so how to access Windows from linux?
it’s simple there is an utility in linux called rdesktop which will do the work. Just install the applicaion

Step1:Install rdesktop utility

#yum install rdesktop

Step2: Logging in to remote server

#rdesktop  hostname/ip



Issues in using rdesktop

Issue1:I am unable to connect to remote windows server?

          1)This issue is manly due security issues such as port blocking, rdesktop uses rdp protocol which uses 3389 port, so this port should not be blocked.

           2)On windows system we have to enable remote desktop option, this can be done as below

       right click on my computer
              ==>Remote tab
                  ==>check mark remote desktop option
                      ==>apply and ok

Now try to login to it

Issue2:I cant see display properly for remote system(resolution problem and window size problem)

           To resolve this issue we have to use rdesktop utility with some options

#rdesktop -g resolution -a colors ipadd

here -g is for specifying resolution and -a for specifying colors depth

for example i want a good resolution  and color depth of 24 bit use following command

#rdesktop -g 90 -a 24

Please let me know how it works.