what is DNS?
why we required CHROOT package? can you explain it?
What is the location for DHCP server default leased configs file?
what is the command and syntax to check DNS server named.conf file errors?
What is the command and syntax to check DNS server zone files config errors?
How do you update DNS zone file entries without restarting named demon?
What are the services/demons will restart when you restart NFS service?
how do you update NFS sharing details without restarting NFS server?
What are the advantages of NIS?
Can you explain me about LVM and how you configure LVM?
What is the difference between LVM1 and LVM2?
What is Amanda server and where is it used?
Can you explain me corntab?
How to resize LVM?
Can you explain me about RAID5?
How many RAID devices are there in RHEL5 by default?
Min how many Raid devices will participate in RAID5?
How do you do Kernel patching and what is the command?
Can you explain me about in details how you do kernel recompilation?
Can you explain what is the use fo access file in sendmail and what is it’s location?
Can you explain me what is the advantage of local-hosts file and virtusertable in sendmail?
How you will specify static IP’s in DHCP server?
how do you update NIS users without restarting the NIS server?
What is the partation no for LVM?
What is the partation no for RAID?
What is the port no for DNS?
Can we change default port no for DNS? if yes, how?
How many RAID device we can create in RHEL4?
Can you explain me Disk quota in detail and configuration details?
How to increase RAID devices after it excied max limit?