If you are a book worm then defiantly you will know what is a CHM file?
For those who don’t know the CHM files let me explain it.
CHM file is a compiled HTML files/document(s) in to a e-book kind so that we can view and index easily. This formate is the proprietary of Microsoft and by default the application to view CHM files in windows is installed.

So what about viewing the files in Linux?
We have to install
CHM file viewer. There are so many applications to achieve this such as


* gnochm
* CHMsee
* FBReader


* Okular
* kchmviewer
* Kchm
* chmcreator


* xCHM
* Archmage
* DisplayCHM
* CHM Reader Firefox addon

In this post I will show you how to install
gnochm application to view CHM files.

Installing gnochm in Redhat
#rpm -ivh libchm1.0.40-1.i386.rpm
#rpm -ivh python-chm.0.8.4-1.i386.rpm
#rpm -ivh 0.9.11-2.i386.rpm

Installing gnochm in Ubuntu
#apt-get install gnochm

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