By default most of the Linux systems will not support any of the mention formates. In order to play these files in Linux we require to install mplayer or vlc. My favourite one is VLC(VideoLAN Client). With which you can play most of the media files and even we can play streaming video and audio files. VLC uses ffmpeg codecs back end to convert/play many formats.

VLC support below formats :
3GP(.3gp) ==> 3rd generation phone format, This video format is good for mobile phones.

AIFF/ASF(.asf, .wmv) ==> These are windows proprietary format, ASF(Active Streaming Format) is used for streaming purpose and wmv(Windows media video) for playing windows videos.

AU(.au) ==> Simple Audio file introduced by Sun micro systems.

AVI(.avi) ==>AVI(Audio video interleave) ==> This is one more format developed by MS. Due to separation of Audio and Video the file size is less when compared to normal WMV files, So most of the times when you download movies from torrents they are in AVI.

FLV (.flv) ==> FLash Video, which is used for streaming again. For example the popular video site uses this format to play videos for users.

MOV(.mov) ==> Movie file format which is default format in Mac OS.

MP4(.mp4) ==> Compressed format for Audio, The songs which are stored in mp4 occupies less space then mp3. So many users when they want to listen to songs on their mobile phones uses this format to store songs.

OGG(.ogm, .ogg) ==>Again a streaming video/audio format MKV(.mkv, .mka).

MPEG-2/TS(.ts, .mpg) ==> A Video format.

MPEG-2/ES, PS, PVA, MP3(.mpg, .mp3, .mp2) ==> Audio format

Real(.ra, .ram, .rm, .rv , .rmbv) ==> Real media formats, the previous versions did not support will. But now this format is supported well.

Raw(a52, dts, aac, flac, .dv, .vid)
True Audio Codec(.tta, .tac)
Ty Tivo(.ty)
Wav(.wav, .dts)

To install in VLC in Redhat :
#rpm -ivh vlc

To install vlc in Ubuntu :
apt-get install vlc

Once you install vlc will be there in applications –>Sound and Video in menu. Just open any mp3/video file with VLC and enjoy.

These days people are using VLC extensively for playing their Video/Audio files. This download counts are huge.