Many How to’s Related To Apache Web Server Is Going To Come On

Hi all, From today on words we are planing to provide in depth knowledge base on many Howto’s related to Apache web server. Some of the howto’s which we are going to present are as follows. 1. About Apache web server 2.

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How To Find Web Server Type Running On A Linux Or Windows Machine?

How to find web server type running on a Linux or windows machine? Is there any Linux command to get the details? Ans : Yes its possible in Linux by using curl(client for URL) command. To find which web server is running

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Linux/Unix:Server configuration file syntax Checking commands

I have planned to write this post some long time ago, now the time has come to do it. Basically configuring servers in Linux/*nix include editing of configuration files. Once editing the files if there is any syntax error these service will

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