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Webmin is a web based administration tool to do daily admin using this tool we can configure.1. User management2. Disk management such as RAID, LVM etc.3. Disk Quotas4. Services/Servers such as apache, DNS, PHP, Mysql etc5. Will allow us to confgire/controll many systems through single interface(ie through a web browser). For example you want(…)

Ubuntu Right Click To Open A Terminal

In most of the linux machins terminal option will be there on right clicking on desktop. But strangely in Ubuntu there is no such fecility.For admins/power users who are using linux require terminal/console access with easy. So in this post i will show you how to right click terminal option in ubuntu. Just execute below(…)

How To View CHM Files In Linux?

If you are a book worm then defiantly you will know what is a CHM file?For those who don’t know the CHM files let me explain it. CHM file is a compiled HTML files/document(s) in to a e-book kind so that we can view and index easily. This formate is the proprietary of Microsoft and(…)

How To View PDF Files/Documents In Linux?

When i started using Linux. Big question was in my mind is whether i can view PDF(Portable Document Format) files or not? but as Linux prove to be “get your work done in many ways”. a classic example is PDF viewers in Linux. Its very much easy to install PDF viewerYou can install eitherxpdfFor Red-hat(…)

Ubuntu 9.10 Released With New Features

As October is going to end, new OS version of well know UBUNTU is released from Canonical. And the code name of this OS is Karmic Koala. From this release UBUNTU entered in to notebook OS too. So there are three variants of UBUNTU now, which are as follows. 1.UBUNTU(Kubuntu,edubuntu etc) 2.Net-book Remix 3.Ubuntu server(…)


DISTRO’S.This is my first post on Distro’s. To discuss about Distributions, there is lots and lots of information about them which is beyond this blog. But I will try to cover as much good and best distros in the market on weekly basis. To start with.. what is a Distro actually?A “Linux distribution” (also called(…)