How to find similar or duplicate files in Linux/Unix

Recently I have bought an USB hard-disk which is 2TB for $90 from US. And I have copied some English movies around 500GB from one of my friends Hard disk. Then when I am checking the content I found that some of the movies are repeated and that to with different names, in different folders(…)

How To Find Large Files In Linux

Some times it is required to find big files which are eating out Harddisk space. We have to find them and delete them if they are not worth to keep. This can be done by using find command with -size option. find files of size more than 123MB in /Telecom folder find /Telecom/ -type f(…)

How To Change The Date In Linux?

How can we change the date/time in linux?Ans : Changing date in linux is bit confusing. If you want to change date in GUI its very much easy and if you want to change it when it comes to CLI its bit hard to remember it.Date is the command to check whats the present date#date(…)

Equivalent Tool For WINscp in Linux

Is there any tool which is equivalent to do what WINscp does in Windows? Winscp is widely used tool in windows to access any Linux/Nix machine to transfer data(files/folders). Its look similar to FTP client such as filezilla client. Suppose you are in Linux machine and want to mount(connect) a folder similar to WinSCP with(…)

How To Assign Default Gateway In Linux?

How to Assign Default gateway in linux?Ans : In linux Default gateway is set through route command or GUI tools.Through Route command#route add default gw default-gatewayExample :#route add default gw is the default gate of my system.Through GUI toolsUse system-config-network in terminal or GUI to set up default gateway. Please visit for(…)

How To View Default Gateway In Linux?

This is asked in some of the interviews. We can get default gateway information in linux in many ways. Such as viewing network card file or executing a command.To see default gateway by view network interface card file content.#cat /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/interface-noExample :[root@example ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0# Intel Corporation 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper)DEVICE=eth0BOOTPROTO=noneHWADDR=00:02:a5:4c:af:99ONBOOT=yesTYPE=EthernetNETMASK= route commandrouteExample:Kernel IP routing(…)

Notes For Vi Editor

VI editor is the default file editor in most of the Linux/Nix machines. It is having great capabilities to edit a file with in few key strokes. Lets start with some general information and then move on to some good things what vi editor can do for you while editing a file. 1. Vi stands(…)

File types In Linux/Unix explained in detail.

"How many types of files are there in Linux/Unix and what are they?" This is a common question to every person who starts to learn Linux. O.K, why is it that much important to know file types? Answer: This is because Linux considers every thing as a file. When ever you start working on Linux/Unix(…)

Commands On Commands

I thought of writing a post on some good comamnds which are capable of running on other commands. With my knowledge i tried to gather below commands, please share your thoughts/experiences through comments. 1.strace — very much handy when debugging a command/script which will struck in middle of execution. This command will be tough when(…)

How To Install SSH Server In Ubuntu Linux OS?

By default in Ubuntu SSH(Secure SHell) server is not installed. This is a big problem when you want to access the Ubuntu machines from other machines we can not access. In this post I will show you how to install and SSH server and give you some examples how to use ssh. Installing ssh server(…)