Many How to’s Related To Apache Web Server Is Going To Come On

Hi all, From today on words we are planing to provide in depth knowledge base on many Howto’s related to Apache web server. Some of the howto’s which we are going to present are as follows. 1. About Apache web server 2. Apache installation[Redhat/Debian] 3. Apache installation through source 4. Apache ip based web access(…)

Getting mulitple files from ftp server with out any prompt

How to get multiple file from FTP server? Normally when we try to connect to a FTP server we can download one file after other but if we want to download multiple files at a time we can use mget at FTP prompt but the issue is it always asks you to conform your action(…)

TFTP Implementation In Linux

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server is an important service for Network engineers, because they will be using this TFTP server for coping big IOS(Inter networking Operating System)files to routers, So as a Linux administrators we have to install and configure tftp server. Why these network guys uses TFTP server for coping IOS images? why(…)