Advanced Servers

How To Access The Web Server Through A Hostname?

How to access the web server through a hostname? Step1: Check for the package installed or not #rpm -qa | grep httpd Step2 : Install the package #yum install httpd Step3 : For hostbased web access we require DNS server entries of our host. Example host in this post is : server name) and(…)

How To Access Web Server Through IP Address?

How to access web server through ip address(not the default site)? Step1 : check for the package installed or not #rpm -qa | grep httpd Step2 : Install the package #yum install httpd Step3 : Create the root web directory and a test index.html for this testing. I want to create my web directory in(…)

How To Install Apache Server Source Package On Linux Server?

How to install apache server source package on Linux server? Step1 : Check if the package is installed or not #find / -iname httpd.conf If you did not find any thing related to apache by using above find command you can install the source package. Step2 : We can install source package in /opt for(…)

How To Install Apache Server On Ubuntu Machine?

How to install an Apache Server on ubuntu machine(A debian system)?Step1 : Check if the package is installed or not #dpkg -l | grep apache This dpkg -l command is similar to rpm -qa command in Redhat linux to list all the applications installed in your system. Step2 : Install the package if you did(…)

Apache Server Installation On Redhat Linux

How we can install Apache web server on Redhat linux?Ans : The simplest way to install Apache on redhat machine is to use yum command. Follow below steps : To install and check if the web server is running with default test page.Step1: Check if the package is installed or not#rpm -qa | grep httpdStep2 : Install the(…)

Many How to’s Related To Apache Web Server Is Going To Come On

Hi all, From today on words we are planing to provide in depth knowledge base on many Howto’s related to Apache web server. Some of the howto’s which we are going to present are as follows. 1. About Apache web server 2. Apache installation[Redhat/Debian] 3. Apache installation through source 4. Apache ip based web access(…)

How To Install Apache Tomcat on Linux(Redhat/Ubuntu)?

What is Apache tomcat? Ans: An ApacheTomcat is an open source web application server which supports J2ee Servlets, JavaServer, Pages (JSP) and API's. Tomcat should not be confused with Apache web server which an HTTP web server. –From Wikipedia. Some terminology about Apache tomcat. An Apache Tomcat can be configured by editing server.xml file. This(…)

NIC Bonding In Linux

Nic bonding is defined as bonding of two or more network cards on a server/pc to form a parallel single connection. This is a great way of achieving redundancy to a server if its having more number of network cards. Its having many names like. 1. Link aggregation 2. Channel Bonding 3. NIC Bonding 4.(…)

Heartbeat Clustering in Linux

Its long time back I have learnt Heartbeat clustering around March-2008, but still this point I never implemented for production servers. This is my first attempt to do it and I am successful in implementing it for two node fail-over Cluster. Clustering is very complex and very advanced topic which I cannot deal with in(…)

SNORT(IDS/IPS) Configuration and Implemenation

Lets start how to install SNORT which is An Intrusion detection system (IDS) and an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). We tested installation of SNORT on RHEL5. Step1 : Download following packageslibpcap-1.0.0.tar.gzpcre-8.00.tar.gzlibnet-1.0.2a.tar.gz (This is optional package if you want SMB popup alerts on window’s machines.)snort- Note : Don’t try to install SNORT through rpm packages, try(…)